Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dwts season 17: week 11 results

Interesting how they almost redid the opening from the first show. Slight differences.

Bill n. I'm pretty sure the tricks were by someone else and a very good editing job. The others parts were still bad.

Elizabeth. Still have a problem with her knees being bent the entire dance.

Christina and Brant. Not bad but Christina pulled it off better.

Valerie. She seemed to forget the routine again and wound up on the wrong foot.

Snookie. She's easy to lift.

Leah. Very timid again.

Bill e. Bill and samba don't work together.

Corbin. His new yorkers and lock steps could have been a bit better. He did look a bit out of sync with Karina in the cha cha. I'll agree with the scores.

Jack. Really weird combination of dances. The salsa looked a bit odd but he never did it this season. Too high based on the level of Corbin's dance.

Amber. Not really a samba song. The technique want really there. The Quickstep was better than the samba by a long shot. I'll give Derek props for the choreography. Too high for me.

3rd place: Jack. A fitting place given his improvement.

Winner: Amber. The golden boy wins again. 

I wanted Corbin to win.

Monday, November 25, 2013

DWTS season 17: week 11 performance

It's the finale!

Did they match the outfit colors for Kelly and the troupe on purpose?

Round 1: judges pick. the redo dance

Bill.  V. Waltz. It looked about the same to me from what I remember. I'll give him the scores.

Corbin. Quickstep. It seemed slower this time for some reason. I'll agree with the scores.

Jack. Jive. The kicks and flicks were better but his triple steps were not. Maybe a little high.

Amber. Charleston. Same critiques as last time. Too much hip hop. Too high for me.

Round 2: samba relay
The song is slow for a samba.
Jack. He tried but the technique hasn't improved from his solo dance.
Amber. I felt like she didn't really move. Samba is a traveling dance.
Bill. Um what was he doing? Some of the arms looked funky.
Corbin. Only one that looked like he was doing it right. They kept it fairly simple though.
They got the order right.

Round 3: freestyle
Bill. I give him props for the lifts. But it was basic. Not enough for the freestyle. Too high for me.

Corbin. I liked it. It was different from a lot of previous ones and want all trick filled. I'll agree with the scores.

Jack. Cute. I think his footwork got a bit slippy at times. I don't know if it was 10s.

Amber. Interesting. I liked it but I would've liked a bit more ballroom. I'll give them the scores.

And Bill is eliminated before the final night. 

As for who's left...
Best dancer: Corbin
Most improved: Jack

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Bad girl

Not much craft progress this week, again. My sleeve

It's almost done though. I have added to my craft stash though. Despite my saying earlier that I wouldn't buy any more cross-stitch this year, Golden Kite's sale was too hard to resist. I procured the following patterns which I probably won't stitch for quite sometime...
Midsummer Eve

The Oriental

Dragon's Garden

The Arts - Poetry

The Arts - Painting

The Arts - Music

The Arts - Dance

The end of the Ball

The End of the Song

I am Half-Sick of Shadows

The Kittens Recital

The Crystal Ball

On Top of the World

I have 17 more on my wishlist and that's after I eliminated several that I felt I didn't like as much as when I first chose my patterns.

Then today I stopped by Joann's because they had a one day sale on Butterick and vogue patterns.

I went in for the patterns, they didn't have the newly released winter collection from Butterick in, and yarn to finish the cardigan I've been working on. Maybe an ornament (ended up with three, a stuffed horse, a cute stuffed mouse, and a bouncy penguin). I don't know what compelled me to look but I noticed this lovely silky, stretchy fabric in the clearance pile. Got 4 yards. Even the wrong side is pretty (great for a dress where that shows).

That lead me to the remnants pile, mainly because I wanted a fabric to make a covering for my wire brush.
The black in a mesh, below is a satin with glitter, panne velvet, and a purple fabric that I don't know the name of. It's somewhat satiny but not as silky. To the right is a brown (faux) suede (my brush cover), and two cotton prints. I was bad this week. But I'm excusing it as an early graduation/Christmas/birthday present to myself. 

Now onto NaNoWriMo...

I think the graphic says it all. I'll try and catch up with word count over thanksgiving break. But first I must brainstorm what to write about.

If you made it down this far, congratulations. You get to read about my dancing. I can't quite remember if I mentioned I finally got an amateur partner, but I did! We've been practicing a few months and plan to compete in latin at the Manhattan Amateur Classic in January. We'll add smooth and/or standard in later once we're both more comfortable with the other. We had a lesson today and got a new samba routine which we need to practice. Wish us luck.

 Four more weeks of school!

Monday, November 18, 2013

DWTS season 17: week 10

Interesting opening. Yay! Maks is back.
Leah. She did some parts passionately but it wasn't enough. She didn't throw her body into it enough she seemed to stay in place. She messed up a few times. Maybe a little high.

Corbin. The song is more Paso than Tango. It seemed too fast. But I liked it for what it was. Can I have Karina's dress? He looked like he leaned forward in his frame at times. I'll agree with the scores.

Jack. A bit odd but I can't critique jazz too well. It just didn't feel polished. I think it was better then Leah's. So I'll agree with the scores

Bill. Feet were all over the place. Hips were non existent. Too high.

Amber. Interesting but I didn't care for it that much. She was moving better than last week. Too high.

Acoustic round.

Leah. Underwhelming. Some parts looked like step, step, step. For an actress she didn't act through her body just her arms and face. Never really has. Too high.

Corbin. I feel he could have done more in that routine. I'll give them the scores.

Jack. Not bad. He stayed in character the whole time. I'll give him the scores.

Bill. I liked that routine. Although I'm trying to figure out how she got into that outfit as I don't see a zipper. He was better this week then last week. I'll agree with the scores.

Amber. The fog made it impossible to see her feet. It felt a little skippy at the beginning. It was a simple Viennese Waltz. Don't know if I'd give it a perfect score.

Highlight of the night was Maks' expressions when Bruno was talking.

And Leah goes home. I enjoy Bill more than Leah.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Falling behind

I am falling behind in many things. My crafts, my writing, my TV shows.
First thing I'm falling behind on: my crafts. I started on the sleeve for the cardigan I've been plugging away at. I've tried to modify the pattern a bit as I want the sleeves longer. So I started with a smaller starting chain and will keep track of how wide I make it before checking on the length which will be almost double the original.
My craft creation is linked to my TV viewing as I craft while watching.
I've also fallen behind on updating what I've added to my stash. I got the following in October. Red micro velvet for the Evil Queen jacket I'm going to make, eventually, once I get the other materials.It's a little deeper red than the picture.
And a shiny gold/black mettalic that was in the clearance fabrics. I will be making a draped dress with this, once I find the right pattern.
And patterns, all from simplicity:

I also had picked up two felt stocking kits. One which I'm planning on making for myself. There's also some new ruffle yarns I'm playing with.

Onto NaNoWriMo.

As you can see by the yellow, I haven't been keeping up with my daily word count. If I manage to get to the minimum today, I'm still about 2000 words behind. Still haven't figured out the other test, but I skipped ahead and suddenly found myself writing my bodyguard into a quest given by a dragon to overcome the reason why he's mute. No clue what that is so I was trying to fill in details I skipped over while writing. Also plan on skipping ahead to when he returns from the quest. I will not give up! But I'm running out of material.

Monday, November 11, 2013

DWTS season 17: week 9

Amber. Was it just me or was that incredibly short? I felt it underwhelming. And her frame seemed off. The only wow was Derek's flips as the end. I'll agree with the scores.

Leah. Underwhelming. It was one pace the entire time. The song didn't help. Her frame seemed weak and some parts were timid. Too high.

Corbin. Pretty but full of tricks. There wasn't too much basic Waltz. A little too high.

Jack. He still hasn't corrected his butt sticking out when in hold. It was more basic than Corbin's but it worked for him. I don't know if it was with 10s.

Bill. Cute but the song and the dance was not a Charleston. It wasn't very good what he did do. I'll give them the scores but may be a bit high

Elizabeth. I felt parts could have been a bit smoother. Felt a bit hoppy. I'll give them the scores.

Trio round

Amber. I don't feel as if her hips moved much. And it was easy to see with the side by side that her footwork wasn't as good as the other two. Too high.

Leah. Cute, but her lower body didn't match her upper. Her kicks and flicks were not there. Too high.

Corbin. Interesting arrangement of that song. That looked like it could be in sytycd. I'll agree with the scores.

Jack. I didn't like the arrangement. It was really slow for a samba. It looked disjointed. Technique was not there. I'll give them the 8s but maybe a bit high. Not a 9.

Bill. I couldn't decide if the song was a samba or a salsa. I'm going with neither. It was strange. Too high.

Elizabeth. Finally, a salsa. I like her dress. I agree with the scores.

What? How are Bill and Leah still in and Elizabeth goes home?

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Slow progress

It's a slow process lately because of all I have going on. Due to NaNoWriMo I didn't craft as much as I usually do. As I was being non-productive and distracted by the internet, by Wednesday I gave up on sitting and trying to write at the beginning of the day. So I crocheted and caught up on my TV viewing. And I got the other side of the sweater done. Now onto the sleeves this week which I'm making longer than the pattern says. I don't want a short sleeved cardigan.

Today I went winter shoe shopping. Specifically for boots as I currently own short uggs and 4" stiletto, knee high boots. So I went for something in the middle.
Mid-calf, chunky heel. Purposely slouched. And I miraculously have room at my toes.
Also managed to pick up the following in the clearance section:

Cute right? The last pair are my new slippers for the winter. And here's Onyx lying in the box top for some strange reason.

Now, onto my NaNoWriMo update. I seem to only get my daily word count done lately if I'm faced with the midnight deadline. Rarely am I inspired by a scene enough to bang out several hundred words like I've previously done. I'm usually at least a day ahead with my word count, prior to today, I was only about 400 ahead. I'm having trouble getting inspiration. Right now I'm stuck as to what the next challenges will be for the princess' suitors. I've done a long horse race through the desert and a writing test. The last one, which I may skip ahead to, is the fighting tournament. Suggestions welcome.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dwts season 17: week 8

I know this is late but my DVR decided not to record the show last night so I missed all of the individual dances. Forgive me.

Corbin. He did considerably less this week, but Argentine Tango is all about the man being the frame and the lady having all the fancy steps. He was there for her and he executed the lifts well. He also had the right character for the dance. I agree with the scores.

Leah. Probably her best dance, but it was also the simplest of dances. There aren't any crazy steps in Viennese waltz and Tony kept her in hold most of the time. Her frame was not nearly where it should have been, too straight. A little high.

Brant. Not bad but that song is not a foxtrot. Too bouncy. But there were times I felt like he was either standing still, even in picture poses the guy does move a little, or it was cheerleader-esque, arms here, now here, now here. I don't think it was worth 9's.

Elizabeth. I can't really critique jazz too much. I don't know the style, but some of the moves were interesting, including whatever it was that Val did at the end. I'll agree with the scores.

Bill. Lots of cheesy moves but some interesting lifts. I barely saw basic hustle. Too high.

Jack. Not a tango, a foxtrot if anything. He held his frame well but his butt could've been tucked under a little more. I'll give him the scores.

Amber. There was no hip action. The dress with lack of fringe in that area made it very clear. And I think it may have been the choreography but there wasn't much holding on 1 as there was move, move, move. The scores were too high for what I saw. 10 Bruno? Really?

Dance off Challenge.
Corbin was a bit Pigeon toed in his new yorkers. Same critiques as before for Elizabeth. I liked Corbin's dance better.

Unfortunately Leah had to go after Peta which was not helpful for her. Especially when it comes to leg extensions. Brant did the better job. What were Carrie Ann and Cher looking at?

Both dances were weird. What is work Emma and the poofs of feathers on her butt?

And Bill remains in the competition. And Leah. Somehow.
And Brant goes home before Jack.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Busy, busy, busy.

Last week was midterm. Had a test Monday, which I know I got the first two questions wrong. I was looking at the answers before the test, but the names just slipped my mind. I should have the rest done just fine. Thursday I had to have 5 pages of a website done. The only critique was to fix the logo a bit and have another color other than the blues. Then Friday I walk in, the teacher splits us into two teams and gives us each a background to make a physical set for. A lighting director, set designer, lighting board controller, subject, and gaffers. The first team got a 3rd world jail cell while mine had a hallway in an abandoned-ish building. I was the set designer and had to figure out how to get around the fact that the first set of door handles were at our knees. We managed to do really well and he complimented me, twice, Go me.

Anyway, I did finish the hooded baby blanket, only took 2 days out of my regularly scheduled crocheting. The top little triangle is the hood. Baby shower was today so it's with it's new owner. Made with Bernat Baby Blanket yarn, it's really soft and fuzzy. I think chenille is the right word.

Finished the left side and started the right for the cardigan. Onyx is in her favorite spot lately.

The this is a pretty picture of my fur ball.

Onto NaNoWriMo. I picked the mute bodyguard story (aka #4) just because it had the most structure to it. #6 was the overwhelming favorite but I needed to plan it out more and I didn't have the time prior to Nov 1. But even now I realize I didn't have the beginning in mind quite as much as I thought I did and it's been a struggle the past 3 days to reach my daily word count. I've been reaching it shortly before midnight. Even as I write this I have slightly over 400 to go. Too bad this blog doesn't count. I ended up having to introduce a dragon last night and have been pulling names out of thin air. One ended up from me mashing keys and then trying to make something pronounceable out of it.