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Vacation catch-up

So, lots to see as I was on vacation in Asheville, NC during my normal posting date. First up, my itty-bitty start on Waterfall Dragons for "E" of the 24 hour acrostic challenge.

Followed by what I got done on vacation, Spirit of the Black Leopard. It's missing a chunk from the center to the corner as I was really tired the first night and used the wrong color. Oddly enough, I double checked because it looked weird and still thought I had the right symbol.

As I was adding up my times, I realized I was missing two hours from "U" so I started the 2nd part of the Under the Sea SAL. Challenge complete.

The bit of crochet I did in the car before I lost my hook...

Now to the stash portion:
I think I have enough hand-dyed fabrics to last me a while. Need to stay off the flash sales on the weekend.

Found a yarn shop. The owner dyes yarns in a fantasy themed. I love that the colors are Demon Hunter and Dungeon Master. Also have a line of Doctor Who themed yarns as wel…

Tale of 2 patterns

As the 24 hour challenge has me working on pieces based on time, here is the difference of 8 hours between a piece with 3 colors and one with moderate confetti.

And here's the overall progress between the two.

Also started 4 Horses of the Apocalypse which has been in my stash forever (15th pattern I entered on my thread spreadsheet). Originally planned for 18 ct, but it is perfect for a scrap piece of 28 ct.

Earlier shot with pencil eraser for reference. I think I'm a little crazy doing this 1 over 1 without parking...

Working on Triptych again. After I finish that I have 2 left, Spirit of the Black Leopard which is coming on vacation with me, and Waterfall Dragons which will be another new start. 81 pages, but the last column and bottom row are very skinny, so 64 and change?

Meeting goals

So far I've met and exceeded the 8 hour goal on the July challenge pieces I've worked on. Did three more rows on The Accolade. Finished the back edge of her belt.

Also started the border for the M.A.P. Will continue to work on this throughout the SAL.

A close up of the corner so you can see the colors I chose.

And finally started the Under the Sea SAL. After working on 40 ct, the 28 count fabric seemed so easy to see...

A bit late but, my patriotic outfit for the Fourth of July while stuck at work.

New challenges

Two more ornaments are finished.

So, thanks to a post from Katie about a facebook group, I found a new cross stitch challenge just in time for July.

As you can see I've already completed one letter of the challenge (O for the above Owl). I've picked up The Accolade. I have 5 new starts planned, including a kit (which is my vacation piece) and 2 SALs (one ongoing, one completed but I never started. Oops.)
Also using Waterfall Dragons as the current HAED challenge which is to stitch 10,000 stitches on a single piece before the end of the year. They estimate it's about a 1.5 pages. It's doable.

Got a few pieces of stash in the mail, waiting on a yard of fabric.

Oh look, a bag of floss from Joann's... I did see they now carry the 35 new colors and the etoile line.

I did find the missing project bag, it was at my parents. Phew, crisis averted.

Replacement dragon came, still a bit broken, but I can probably "fix" it by finding something to replace the spike. I…