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Multiple pictures of the fairy

One project, multiple pictures.

Up first is the solid colors being completed. Sorry about the slightly blurry image

Next is the variegated silks being finished.

Followed by the back-stitching being completed. Her face has definition now.

And finally. The beading done and the entire piece finished.The picture doesn't do the finished piece justice.
There are 8 different colors of beads in two different sizes. The white which is around the edges of the wings look like pearls.

not that much progress and patterns

I didn't get as far this week as usual. Two days were taken up by my being background on exterior shots for a TV pilot. So I was out for ~8 hours in the sun in 95+ weather. I got shade breaks, but parts of me are still burnt.

I know I said I wouldn't buy anymore stash, but that applied to cross-stitch. Not sewing patterns. Add to the fact the sale was on discontinued patterns and I had to.



Kwik Sew 3153
Kwik Sew 3850

 Kwik Sew 3170 (just because)

Half a dress

She's coming along nicely, right? The places where the beads and variegated threads go are creating an interesting pattern on her skirt.

I started working on a new doily but it's not far enough along to take a picture.

2nd wing

Due to the holiday and the fact that I didn't have to go to class, I got a lot done. It probably also helps that the 2nd page has less stitching. I added the 'Seaglass' variegated and the orange kreinik. First sparkly item. Used almost an entire skein of white. I probably have less than 6 inches remaining. Thankfully nothing else is white.

My mom decided I did too much fantasy and danced themed projects and bought me the thread for HEAD's Black Stallion (along with some other threads I was missing). So I shall start that next but due to the first row of pages being background, I probably will get bored and go back to my spreadsheet and random numbers.