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2017 in review

Overall, not the greatest year I've had.

 2017 goals were:
Work on a GK/HAED.Finish some kits in my closet that can be displayed in my apartment.Learn to knit.Attempt to be less sedentary. And I achieved: Yup. Lots, including Insanity.Also yup, although most are not displayed.Started.Went to the gym for the later half of the year until mid-december when holidays and freezing temperatures kept my butt inside. I finished 3 cross-stitch (including one ornament), 9 crochet projects, and 1 in the other category. Somehow I finished more last year despite working...
2018 goals: Work on my rotation. Other than the one new start I'm allowing myself, no new cross-stitch.Knit an item.Edit one of my stories.

Happy New Year!

I finished the afghan. Row 43 gave me trouble because it wasn't written correctly.

Also started knitting. I think I did pretty well and am ready to read a pattern.

And here are my new dragons that I got for Christmas.

Now to finish preparing for my New Year start of Dragon Dancer (cut the fabric and serge it). I already put my rotation in order and am going to tidy up some of my stash piles.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! I hope all of you are enjoying some sort of craft today even if just for a few stitches.

Page 5 of Insanity is complete.

Made this cute little guy in a day.

And finally put together my ort ornaments. Still need to find the bag with 2016.

Also did some repair work. (You can also see the difference a normal bulb vs. my daylight bulb makes with the colors)

Started this afghan, Treasures of the Sun King.

Clyde somehow hurt his back paw/hip a few days ago so he's been staying still (gasp!) the past few days. Vet gave him some pain meds and they seem to be working.

Insanity check

Yup. Still insane. 10 rows left on page 5.

Going to finish those up then make some ornaments. Then maybe I'll crochet until the new year. I think I'll start Dragon Dancer just to get some pink in my rotation.

I've gone crazy again

Or rather insane. Started with 10 rows on the page, now at 40.

I've also started thinking of a rotation for next year. So far I have the following: The Accolade (GK)The Arab Tent (GK)Insanity (GK)Cinderella and the Prince (retired HAED)Fantasy Triptych (Wentzler)Black Stallion (HAED)Dragon Carousel (Allison)Best Friend (Allison)Stroke of Midnight (Wentzler)Alternative Reality (HAED) I'm thinking of adding a new one of a HAED I purchased directly from them that I already have the material for. Preferably in a color family different from the others. That narrows it down to Dragon Dancer, 4 Heavenly Beasts, Chase, and Tempest. Current colors are dark, brown, green/sky blue, beige, purple, red/gold.

Poinsettia afghan

My start and finish for the week (other than a Christmas present that I'll show later)

I'm glad it showed up against my red couch.

And I won NaNoWriMo again! 50,840 words was my final total. Feel free to read it here: