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SFS2014 - February

Time for my monthly update. This month we had an additional $100 to spend during the month due to Nashville. I spent $0. I held back, mainly because the majority of those patterns don't appeal to me. But I did add things to my wishlist as I perused some other sites...

The projects I worked on were Celestial Dragon and 'Insanity'. Not as many this month but I got far on the dragon.


Getting close to completing page 3.

I realize it's not the flattest picture, but it was draped over my knees.


Yes, yes yes. I know I'm late. I actually reached the halfway point early on Saturday but I just kept going, not bothering to take a picture until late Sunday.

As compensation for my lateness, I present my current progress on Insanity.

And as a bonus, a cute picture of Onyx.

Back on track

Well, I frogged what I needed to and continued on with my dragon. The tail is almost complete. After a bit more on the border it's back to the body with another coil.

I'm enjoying the Olympics, nice to have on in the background while I stitch. I would love to be able to be a part of something like the opening ceremonies. Anyone know an opening in the tv/film industry in the New York City area? Still looking, and replying, and hearing crickets.

A slight change of plans

I'm a bit late on my weekly post. I finished the first page of Celestial Dragon. I do like the color blends on the dragon, especially the tail. As I started on the second page, I then noticed I had added an extra stitch, causing the entire section of the right square to be shifted over by one. Which means I have to frog it.

That was Thursday night. Friday i didn't feel like frogging. Just something a bit less taxing. So crochet it was, but not something I had to think about where I left off. So I started a new afghan.

And just for cuteness factor, Onyx drinking the remains of my mom's tea. Excuse me while I go frog some stitches on this snowy day.