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Plugging along

49 rows done. It's transitioning to a different color set so it's taking a bit more time. Cutting off the purples, adding the grays

And I thought I'd give you some photos of Onyx my mom sent me.

She likes box tops over actual boxes.

Halfway through challenge #4

Row 49/98 on the page.

I also saw Onyx this weekend. So I got some kitty time.

Still gets unsure whether to be mad at me or be happy that I'm there. She ends up sleeping on my pillow after I leave.


I'm now up to 35 rows of the first page. Some peach has crept in to the colors.

I also finished stitching the coasters. Still need to cut and glue the felt to the backs but at least the stitching is complete.

I also broke down and ordered the Under the Sea SAL and Fantasy SAL from Lakeside Needlecraft.

More purple

This is 25/98 rows completed on the first page.

I've gotten some pinks in. Nothing interesting is going to appear until page 3. Still on track for HAED challenge #4.

My yarn to finish my dragon coasters arrived. I'll probably work on those tomorrow.