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Under 10 to go

I officially have 9 rows left on the page. This will be done by next week.

Also saw Clyde, he was being cheeky lying on top of the file cabinet when I came in.

And while I may have managed to not buy anything during the HAED sale, I wasn't so lucky with ads from Herrschners...

and Mary Maxim. I finally got a coupon that worked on the afghan, but then I started poking around the site, saw the stackers, caved on the rest of my snowman family, and got all the doilies I had been eyeing for a few years.
I need to get a move on with the crafting. Or win the lottery and stay home to work on all of them...

Lend me an ear

71/98 rows done. I initially was wondering what the red-ish colors on the far right were, then I realized it was her ear.

Also, I think I went a bit overboard with Christmas ornament kits. Many of the santas were backordered so those are still on the way...

I think I can decorate my entire tree in cross stitch. May take November to work on these rather than my rotation.

half way

So I've passed the half way point of the page. 56/98 rows finished.

Unfortunately I also caved to the Christmas in July sales. I have many more ornament kits on the way...

But in lieu of those items, here's Clyde. It took 6 months, but he finally likes the bed we got him. Although being a cat, he still likes boxes.

Busy week

I didn't get as much done as I would've liked. Dead tired Friday, spent Saturday making 2 scarves for my mom, and my "weekend" was filled with doctor's visits... So only up to 44 rows.

During a visit to my parent's, sat on my old bed (which Clyde has claimed as his) and didn't quite know what to make of me being in that location in the house.

Last photo was taken after we put him on the bed.
Although he's finally taken to his bed about 6 months after we got it for him. Silly kitty.