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Ack! Need more stitching time!

I did not get to stitch as much as I would like during this extended weekend. I ended up with too many things to do and weird timing. Also trying to write for NaNoWriMo killed some possible stitching time. So close to finishing page 15/16.

Early in the week, I took advantage of a 30% off sale and flat rate shipping on two items that were already on sale.

That should be my last purchase of anything new for a while. I'm well aware I have enough stash to last me for years. I might buy things to finish up a few other projects if the need arises.

I kind of gave up on writing today. My brain was blanking and I was getting too distracted by the internet. I'm 2 days ahead and if I write during my commute I'll be fine.

DWTS Season 23: Week 11 night 2

We've reached the end of the journey once more. Cute opening. Saw some faces I forgot were on this season.
Haha. They turned a golf cart into a sleigh.
James. I didn't feel like that performance was as good as the original. He looked tired.
That was a fast dance to Andy's song. Alison looked like her feet were going to slip out from under her during some of those spins.
Calvin. Still a weird song choice for a Argentine tango.
Maureen. She still walked through that. And what was the point of Ryan and Babyface?
I love dress rehearsals. So funny.
Maks! And samba! Sexy dancing skittles. Haha.
Laurie. So glad they picked this one. Loved the switch up at the end from the original. Bad hair clip. Bad number. But funny.
Vanilla ice really doesn't do ballroom well. Why was Rick Perry his DJ?
Very pretty foxtrot and loved the green dress. Babyface, please stick to singing.
And Rick Perry can play the drums?
Ooh hot men. Thankfully Ryan stayed on the table.
Jana. She still goo…

DWTS Season 23: Week 11 night 1

It's the finale!
1st round: judges pick/redemption dance
Calvin. Nice. His footwork was a bit sloppy at times. Arm was a little high in hold at the beginning. I'll agree with the scores.
Jana. It was danced well, but I found it very repetitive in the moves. Her feet did some funny things when not on the floor. Too long in the platform. Tango is a traveling dance. I agree with the score.
Laurie. That was a fast song. She looked like she slipped a tiny bit at times. I agree with the scores. A little low.
Why does trains new song have the melody to chopsticks as the chorus? Lucky Cheryl regardless of the song.
James. Very nice. Just a little trip up near the end. Cute concept. How do they get glasses to stay in during spins? Mine would fly off if I danced with them on. I agree with the scores.
Round 2: the freestyle
Jana. I'm glad they didn't fall during that one carry. Other than that it was interesting and pretty. I'll give her the scores.
Calvin. The…

Home Sweet Home

I've officially moved in! I didn't get too much stitching done this week and almost none this weekend. Way too busy. I'll catch up over Thanksgiving.

But here is my lovely apartment. Things still need to be put away.

I will get you a picture of my new craft closet (of doom) as soon as I feel it's the way I want it.

But this is the last photo of Onyx I have on my phone. I wonder if she knew I was leaving her. My parents say she keeps laying outside the door to my room. Poor kitty.

I've been barely getting my daily word count done lately. Eep.

DWTS Season 23: Week 10

Welcome to the semi finals.
James. Good for them in getting through the lifts when Sharna couldn't see. Interesting end pose. I'm used to seeing more leg hooks. I'll give him the scores.
Terra. I saw hips! It was good. Rumba is very focused on lines which she is unable to do properly, but she tried. And it wasn't walk and pose like most. I'll give her the scores but a little high for me.
Jana. A few bobbles. They looked too close in hold. A little high for me.
Calvin. Footwork was sloppy and rushed. His knees were too far apart at times. Too high.
Laurie. I have no idea how she was able to dance after that package. It was a little fast of foxtrot. I agree with the scores.
The trio round is back!
James. Very good. They really all matched during the side by side kicks and flicks. I agree with the scores.
Terra. She got into the character. Artem is always sexy. Very well choreographed. She walked through it a bit. A little high for me.
Jana. I hear sw…

Getting closer

Getting closer to finishing both In the Garden and my apartment. With all fingers crossed, I should be in Friday. And if anyone feels like sending telepathic threats to my contractor, be my guest.

Now to make today's date turn from yellow to green.

DWTS Season 23: Week 9

Show stoppers night. Aka broadway night.
Ooh, Maks in a tux and Idina Menzel.
Two rounds tonight.
Marilu. Odd song code. Not actually samba. There wasn't much bounce and there were entirely too many swivel steps. She didn't have the right action in her legs and I didn't really see any hips. I'm not sure what the judges saw. Too high.
Calvin. The package was funny. Pretty but it felt more like a Viennese waltz. The rise and fall was somewhat missing because of it. Too high.
Haha. Sharna and the glitter as Glinda.
James. Fun. But I thought he looked slightly restrained by his pants. Maybe because they were shiny. I agree with the scores.
Terra. Fun. She managed to pull off what you did but it was a reserved Charleston in movement due to size. Easy to lift. A little high for me.
Jana. The song started in an odd place. She gave herself over to the emotion. The choreography feel just a little flat for me. A little high for me.
Laurie. She pulled it off. The …


I've finished the 14th page. One more mostly full page then the sliver that is the 16th.

I've bought some more stash. I seem to have caught the small window where the sale that ended on the 5th was still active and the coupon for 25% off had just started.

Additionally, my countertops and sink are still not installed. So you all get a picture of Onyx as I'm still with my parents.

Isn't she cute?

And I'm participating in NaNoWriMo once again.