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DWTS Season 23: cast announcement

Oh joy! It's that time of year again. Time to see what celebrities decided to journey through the sparkly world that is DWTS.

And Maks is back!

So, onto my pre-dance opinions

Laurie Hernandez w/ Valentin Chmerkovskiy. Of all the olympic floor routines I saw from team USA, she was the one who actually danced the most. I'm looking forward to this pairing. Gymnasts tend to go far.

Marilu Henner w/ Derek Hough.One of the older competitors, she also hosted America's Ballroom Challenge. I think she has a fair amount of ballroom experience. Thus the reason she's paired with Derek, the golden boy.

Amber Rose w/ Maksim Chmerkovskiy. Yay Maks! Don't know much about her, I do see a poster in the subway for her new show.

Ryan Lochte w/ Cheryl Burke. Oh boy. Why? Can I hope he's horrible and goes home the first week? The first word that comes to mind, even before the whole Rio debacle, is 'IDIOT'. Nice to see Cheryl back, but she may not be around for long.

Vanilla Ice w…

I should switch

to attempting to post my blog on Saturdays. That way if I'm running late it's still the weekend.

Anyway, I should be done with the page by Saturday. Not that I'll be posting this Saturday due to going to a comedy show, but I have good intentions going forward.

And then there's Onyx twisting herself into a strange position.

I really...

...need to stop going out on Sunday nights hunting Pokemon. Got some good ones, including a Kabutop that had every player on the SE end of Central Park running to get it.

So, finished the frog...

And I went back to this one as I didn't feel like starting something completely new.

New projects

I did a bit of crocheting this week after finishing the peacock.

I actually did two pokeballs. Still have enough yarn to do more if I so choose.

Started a new needlepoint. I chose a small one because I want to go back to one of my GKs or HAED's when I finally move, which is starting to look like the beginning of September.

It's going a bit quicker than I had thought. Might have to dig out a small one I had previously started.

Any suggestions on which one I should go back to?

I have a very good reason...

For being late again on my weekly post. I finished the peacock!

I also finished the striped tie.

And a happy International Cat Day from Onyx.

Late again

I didn't stitch 3 nights this week. Plus, I seem to get distracted on Sunday nights lately and forget to do a update. I just have half stitches and backstitching left. It will be delayed a tiny bit though

I have an order for crocheted ties. Here's the solid

And here's the start of the striped. Changing a tunisian pattern into regular crochet isn't that difficult actually. As long as you remember to flip the instructions for every other row.
Lots of ends to weave in.