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DWTS Season 27: Week 1 - Night 2

I love pro dances.

Demarcus and Tinashe are safe. No surprise. Nancy is in jeopardy. Not really surprised.  Joe is safe. Uh, why? How? 
Kids were cute. 
Juan Pablo is safe Nikki in jeopardy. Thought so John is as well.  Bobby is safe. Hopefully he calls down a bit.  Alexis is in jeopardy. A little surprising, but she may not have connected despite the social media followers. 
Milo is safe. Thought he would get through.  Danielle is in jeopardy. A little surprised Gen how voters climb to other dancers with disabilities.  Evanna is safe.  Mary Lou is in jeopardy. Little surprised but she wasn't great.
I know hardly anyone from the cast of the junior edition.
Twist, John is actually safe and doesn't have to dance.
Mary Lou. Needs to work on her feet, she doesn't seem to bend her knees at all and makes it wooden. A little high but I'll give her the scores.
Danielle. She forgot part of the routine and got a little stuck. I'll give her the scores.
Nikki. Still no hips in…

2nd pink page complete

Yay! No more pink for a while!

Although it's not until page 5 that I get the slightest hint of the subject of this piece.

Anyway, off to crochet pumpkins.

DWTS: Season 27 - Week 1 - Night 1

Cute opening. Very Busby Berkley.

Mary Lou. Not bad. But very straight and stiff. No hips during actual cha cha moves. Not a 7.
Milo. Not much actual cha cha, but it was fun. Knees were too bent. He felt a bit loose and he may have trouble controlling his limbs during a jive. I'll give him the scores.
Evanna. I liked it. She had the head position right but was too straight in hold. I like her dress. I'll agree with the scores. 
Danielle. Not bad. Simple but well done. Frame needs some work. I had to laugh at the dog flopped over in the middle of the floor during rehearsal. I agree with the scores.
Bobby. Uh... Credit for moving through that song but that's about it. Stiff, flat foot, artistic after the dance. Too high.
Juan Pablo. Oh look, hips. But I had a feeling he would be able to dance coming into the show. I'll give him the scores.
Nikki. I concur with her comment about Gleb, but there were no hips in the salsa. Feet were bad. Too high.
Alexis. It was careful and…

Getting a bit tired of pink

I'm staring at 99% pink for the next 20 rows or so to the end of the page. The purple/gray was a nice break, but there are so many pinks!

I did however complete the 2,018 stitches for the HAED challenge in under a week. With blocks of color each row is taking me about 30 minutes as opposed to 60 on Alternative Reality.

Also picked up these from Herrschners. Oddly I didn't get a shipping notice, they just showed up at my door.

Less pink

Not quite as much done this week. I blame the transition from pinks to purple and gray.

I'm a little late in posting because I like to have two full days of stitching (aka my weekend) if possible. My off days got switched and then I woke up late Thrursday and forgot about it. Woke up late today too, but have just enough time to write this up.

DWTS Season 27: Cast announcement

And we're once again gearing up for another season of rhinestones under the mirror ball.

Bobby Bones w/ Sharna. Radio show host. I've never heard of this guy, but he seems fun as he came out during the announcement. I have a feeling he'll be all limbs during the latin dances though.

DeMarcus Ware w/ Lindsay Arnold. Football player. So these guys can be hit or miss in dancing ability, but always fan favorites and make it near the end. We shall see how he stacks up against the others.

Milo Manheim w/ Witney Carson. Disney channel actor. I don't know about his dancing ability, but most Disney kids tend to be high energy which will work with the fast dances. But who knows how he'll take to the others.

Danielle Umstead w/ Artem Chigvintsev. Paraolympian. So, I'm pretty sure this is our first visually impaired contestant. Depending on how much of her sight she still has, it'll be interesting to see how Artem teaches her.

Joe “Grocery Store Joe” Amabile w/ Jenna J…

Pretty in Pink

So, back to the top of the rotation with Dragon Dancer and the extremely pink background. Didn't get quite as much done as I could've this week, but certainly ended up with more than I thought.

Also took advantage of the labor day sales a bit (not quite as on sale as I would've liked) and got these.