Monday, April 28, 2014

Dwts season 18: week 7

Amy. She tried. But Derek was helping her out a lot. Anyone else would get picked on for being in hold the whole time. Due to her disability it had a bit of a jilted feel at times. And it was repetitive. Too high for me.

James. He did move his hips. But there was a bit too much stationary section. He also had too many steps in the samba rolls. Too high.

Danica. It felt careful, but part of that was the rib. Very simple for this point in the competition and not much actual salsa. I'll give them the scores but they were generous.

Nene. The music didn't match. She still had the same problems as always. Careful and soft. Too high.

Charlie. Really strange song choice. He seemed a bit hoppy at times. He should've been more grounded. He also seemed to high during his turns. I would've given 8s. Not a 10.

Candace. I like her dress. The song and choreography was a little weird. Too much stopping. I'll give her the scores but a little high for me.

Meryl. She could've used her hips a bit more in the basics but it was entertaining. But I will say during the side by side with the girls there wasn't too much discrepancy. I agree with the scores based on the easy of the dances for the night.

Team vida. It was clear how careful Nene was dancing compared to Peta and Sharna. Charlie had the most intricate solo, the other two seemed to half ass it. The longer shorts on Nene were not flattering. 9 and 10 were overscored, 8s were a bit better.

Team loca. Candace seemed the least comfortable with the choreography. Overall it was a better performance than the other team.

It was Nene's time to leave. She was clearly the weakest left.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

SFS2014 - April

It's the end of April already? Time flies.

Well let's see, I finished Celestial Dragon.

And a nightgown for next winter.


I worked on In the Garden, Insanity, and a dress I don't have a picture of.

I did have to spend something this month. I ran out of purple beads for the dragon. I bought 3, only needed 1, but I know I have at least two other TW's in my stash that require them.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Lots of green

I decided to work on Insanity this week because I had missed several Sundays when trying to finish up the dragon.

As of this picture I'm 13 rows from the end of page 3. Only about 150 more to go...

Now, go back to In the Garden or go to the next random number?

I also am attempting to get back into Camp NaNoWriMo. I've written 1500 words today and will attempt another 1000 before I go to bed to make up for the 12 days I didn't write.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Dwts season 18: week 6

Nene. There was shaking. But no hips in the basics. Her grunge didn't move. By oozing up her knees like that she didn't rotate her hips to get the hip motion. There was very little actual salsa. Over praised and over scored.

Candace. Maybe it was the song but it looked robotic. There was no hips during the actual cha cha parts. Cha cha is sharp but there's also some fluidity. Locksteps sucked. Over praised and over scored, again.

James. He looked like he was leaning forward a bit in hold. Other times his feet looked sloppy. Part of it may be the sneakers rather than actual shoes. Don't know if it was 9s.

Danica. The song is barely a cha cha. Maybe that's why Val didn't put that much in. Her knees could have been straighter during some transitions, mainly spins. That being said, what she did do was pretty good. I'll the the the 9s just because of where they pace so far

Meryl. I liked it. I was having trouble seeing her feet because it was so quick. At one point she may have had her back too arched. Overall, it looked easy which is how is supposed to. Interesting outfit on Meryl. I agree with the scores.

Drew. It seemed slow for a Tango. Some parts were interesting but it seemed a bit off at times. I'm iffy on whether I agree with the scores.

Charlie. Despite the package, I didn't see much hip action. He was either standing still and switching her from side to side or doing rondes. Additionally the song really isn't a cha cha. I may give them the scores. But I didn't see what the judges did in terms of technique.

Amy. Fun number. I'm surprised she could bounce from foot to foot like that without Derek's support. One advantage in the kicks and flicks was her feet can't flop like most people. I'll give them the scores.
Drew is gone. But he is one of the weaker dancers.

Trying week

Hard week, not with a good outcome, decreased my stitching time. I got nothing done on Friday. That's not really the reason my weekly post is late. I finished page 5 very late on Sunday so I delayed it to now.

At the beginning of the week, I did finish a nightgown. I made it from flannel so it'll be good for winter. Actually I cut the material back when it was still freezing.

Also started a summer dress. I just haven't gotten back to it yet.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Dwts season 18: week 5

I loved the opening. So fun.

Drew. He seemed cautious. During the part with genie, you could see he was not doing things as much as Cheryl. He needed to put his shoulders back when in hold. I guess I'll give them the scores.

Charlie. Cute routine. Felt a bit more Broadway rather than jazz but oh well. I'll agree with the scores.

Danica. Not to much body contact except for when they were spinning. She was a little to straight up. But it was cute. I don't know if it was 10s.

Amy. Unfortunately there wasn't very much Waltz. A lot of standing in place. But I knew ballroom would be hard for her. I think she was scored high for what she did.

Cody. Cute routine, but he had no samba technique. No hips, flat footed. He didn't look like he was dancing samba and was standing around a bit too much. I like her outfit. Too high.

Nene. She enjoyed the jazzy parts but she walked through the parts in hold. I don't know if she purposefully didn't straighten her legs on the first two kicks. Too high.

James. I know Peta can look like Elsa but I don't think that song was suited for a male celebrity. At times it seemed a bit disconnected from the lyrics. I just didn't feel this one tonight. The lifts were impressive. Too high.

Meryl. That song is usually a swing. Probably one of the best sambas technique-wise. It was slow. It was cute but hard to do a traditional samba to that song. I would've liked it to be a bit higher.

Candace. Very steppy. I recognized the samba but it looked very beginner and choppy. It didn't help her to go after Meryl with the same dance. Too high. Should not have been nearly the same score as Meryl.

Was not expecting Cody to go home tonight. Apparently his base want as big, or rabid, as I thought. But I also thought he'd split votes with James. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Returning to a project

Since my dragon is now finished, it's time to go back to my random numbers which pulled out "In the Garden". I'd say I'm about 1/3 of the way done with page 4.

I also got back into my sewing, I worked on a nightgown today and it used self bias binding on the neck, which I've determined it the way to go with the shirt that I've put on hold. Thankfully, I have a fair amount of fabric left to make this.

But I've been bad. Essentially my parents told me to go shopping because I was getting some money back on my taxes. Although the last few times I've wandered through Joann's not much in way of fabric caught my eye, but it did this time. I picked up some essentials, bobbins for one thing, but a lot of fabric for projects this time, not so much 'ooh, pretty must have!' My stash addition includes these two pieces.

A bonded lace and a twill. The lace is becoming a dress because i saw something similar in a catalogue, and the twill is a pair of jeans, once I perfect the pattern with a blue fabric I bought for a pair of shorts. There was also some leopard, because I just can't resist leopard. I'm just glad 90% of cross-stitch patterns don't call to me like fabric does.

On the camp NaNoWriMo front, I've been writing every day but falling behind. Nothing I can't catch up on, but I'm seriously lacking in ideas at this point. Well, there are some ideas floating about like fireflies but I can't seem to catch them long enough to get more than a few hundred words out of them.

Monday, April 7, 2014

DWTS season 18: week 4

Candace w/ Tony. It was cute. Her frame could have been better. I realize it was rock and they could get away with wild a bit more. I'll agree with the scores.

James w/ Cheryl. I liked it but felt he was landing either flat foot or top toeing around. His lower body looked awkward, either because of the previous observation or causing. He could have closed his feet more too. Can I have her dress? Don't know if it was 9s given his position.

Drew w/ Whitney. Entertaining as always but felt small and stiff. No hips except the thrusting. Not his best dance. He does better with ballroom. Over scored.

Danica w/ Maks. The kicks and flicks were very good. It was a fun number. Cute ending. The high heeled sneakers looked odd. I'll agree with the scores.

Charlie w/ Peta. It seemed to be a lot of spinning, and Charlie going low to switch sides. There wasn't much I could point out was syllabus. No hip action. Don't think it was 9s.

Amy w/ Mark. A basic salsa. The music didn't sound like a salsa. Kind of slow in addition. 8s yes, maybe not 9s.

Cody w/ Sharna. It was jerky in the rise and fall. Almost all movements were initiated with a jerk and then went smooth. Which isn't really foxtrot. The song didn't help with that either. A tad high maybe?

Nene w/ Derek. Um, she didn't move much. She pretty much stayed in place. And it didn't seemed jazz too me. Too high.

Meryl w/ Val. Odd song choice for Argentine Tango but they made it work. Very sexy routine. I'll agree with the scores.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

TW's Celestial Dragon

It's done! In under three months. I had to take two days off this week because I ran out of purple beads.

Here's a close up for the detail on the head.

A few notes for those deciding to stitch this design. While the pattern told me what I needed to stitch this, it failed to mention quantities. You will need two skeins for the following #'s. 420, 422, 677, 738, 792, 794. You will need minimal amounts of the following #'s. 991, 3346, 3765. You will also need 3 packages of Mill Hill 40252.

On a different note, my cat decided to sleep on my clean robe.