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I've reached the last page of Dew Drop Fairy. Once I complete the cross-stitches on this page (which is smaller than the others) I get to eek out every last bit of my purple metallic thread (praying it's enough) and proceed to the beads.

Earlier this week I went to Joanne's to pick up an organizer for my sewing thread. Currently I'm still using the old cookie tins my grandmother used. But it's really hard to find what I need and they're overflowing a bit. Either way I picked up a stretch hot pink zebra fabric and a black jersey with diagonal stripes of silver dots and stars. I'll get a picture up later in the week. Also picked up a pack of cheap floss to make friendship bracelets. I found some cool patterns and as soon as I get around to making them I'll post pictures.


  1. Love the way the piece is coming on just beautiful


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