All over the place

That's where I was with my crafts this week. I continued with the doily but this latest row I'm doing isn't going very fast. I'm doing a split dtr cluster that attach three rows down and cross each other. You can see what that looks like on the upper right of the doily.
That was two days of work for 1/4 of the way around. My brain just wasn't into it so it was going even slower. So I made another ruffle scarf just for something mindless.

Then I decided to make a new dress. I'd have taken a picture but all I've done is cut all the pieces and stitch a few together. Nothing really to show. That was Thursday.

Then I had a need to cross-stitch. I couldn't do the purple block that was the black stallion HEAD so #15 on my list it was. Ended up being the white tigers.
There's some stitching that's hard to see as it's white on white.

I may need to take tomorrow to do some reorganizing of my craft closet again. It's gotten a bit messy and I may go fabric stash shopping on Friday (not cross-stitch, not against my 'I'm not buying anything else' ban I imposed upon myself)


  1. It certainly looks like you got a lot done, even if you don't have lots of pics. Love the white tigers, and hope next time you pic up the doily it's not so mind-numbing. :)


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