2014 in review

This has been a strange year. Lots of ups and downs. Mostly down until near the end of the year when my luck seems to be picking up.

Here were my goals from last year.
  1. Find a job. This is a must but I'd prefer sooner rather than later. The job hunt will start Jan. 2.
  2. Stitch only from my stash that I have at the moment. (see button on right and additional post here)
  3. Complete some sewing projects (my own additional stitch from stash)
  4. Reorganize my craft closet, again. It's nice for a while but gets messy after a bit. Will be easier to accomplish after #2 & #3 have been worked on.
  5. Clean up my facebook friends.
  6. Write something, or come up with an idea that I can produce myself without the backing of a major studio.
  7. My mom's goal for me is to find a boyfriend.
How did I do?
  1. Found a job. It's a freelance, but it's income I didn't have most of the year.
  2. I tried, but I ended up adding more to my stash than finishing things. See this post for a more detailed information.
  3. I finished two.
  4. I did it. And so far, it's stayed neat. Maybe one extra bag where it shouldn't be. Click here for more details.
  5. I did a bit of trimming at some point.
  6. I didn't end up writing anything, but I started outlining a few things. Even skipped NaNoWriMo this year. My brain was elsewhere this year.
  7. Somehow, despite not really looking, I did meet someone and we've gone out a few times. Nothing serious yet, but I think I can say completed.
So 5 out of 7. Not bad. Now, my goals for next year.
  1. Find a full-time job.
  2. Improve my stamina.
  3. Finish 2 cross-stitch projects and 2 pages of a GK/HAED.
See you in 2015.


  1. Hi - I am in the same jury pool as you. I recall you mentioning your blog during questioning from Judge Sullivan. I haven't been picked for a trial but there's always next week. I share you love of sewing and I've enjoyed looking at your projects. Take care.


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