DWTS Season 23: week 7

Take a trip through the decades. And a second (team) dance

Laurie. They lost some of the body contact I usually see from them in hold. But it was fun and entertaining. A little low.

Ryan. She danced around him. Why were promenade runs and viennese crosses involved? It didn't match the music. I saw no rumba or hips. Way too high. 5s is generous, 7s are blatant overscoring.

Marilu. She couldn't match his energy level at the beginning and it just got worse the farther it went. Too high. But she still did more then Ryan.

Calvin. Pretty good. I saw some basic jive steps. Technique wasn't perfect but it was fun. I'll give him the scores.

Maureen. That dance felt too slow and soft for the song. Also last time they used that song I think it was a paso. Too high.

Terra. Cute. The dress made it difficult to see her footwork and lines. I agree with the scores.

Jana. Fun. But her footwork was sloppy during the actual samba steps. A little high for me.

James. Cute. You could see the difference when the pros were behind him. Good comedic elements. I'll give him the scores.

Team dance round

Team past. Interesting. Can I have one of the dresses? Not too much individual. Good dance style for a team dance as it's simple. I'll give them the scores.

Team future. It had a completely different feel. Good job working with the various statures. A little low but I understand the difference.

And based on the two in jeopardy, the right one went home.


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