Happy new year

Okay, I'm a tad late on the greeting but it still is valid. I think. Anyway, on the first of the year I finished 'Put Your Red Shoes On'

The frog infested piece is complete! And so I ran my random number generator and came up with The Arab Tent. Anyone remember this one?

I got about 20 rows done but I'm tired of the colors. Dark brown can be a bit depressing and the bottom few rows of the page are almost all black.

For a bit of a change of pace, I decided on the felting kit I picked up prior to the new year. Behold my first (and last) attempt at this craft.
I pricked my fingers more times than I would like. So I'll go back to my cross-stitch. I'll spend the day on Insanity before moving onto the next random number.


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