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I somehow managed to work on The Accolade for a week. Barely.

On Thursday I got tired of it and switched projects. But I did manage to get down to row 118. I tried to hold on to finish 120 but couldn't. 13 rows until the end of the 2nd row of pages.

Say hello to TW's Celestial Dragon.

Or rather at the moment a tiny hint of dragon and most of the upper left corner border. For only using 29 DMC colors only 8 of those are actually used as solid colors. Everything else is blends.

Update on my dancing. Friday, as I may have mentioned was my first competition with my new partner. We placed 17/23 in silver latin. I thought we should've at least made it to the semi finals but we didn't. Back to the studio for practice. A bit of good news, my mom bought me a new dress for next time. Similar in style to the roses one I made but leopard and I didn't have to spend time making it.

My mom took video and I will edit it soon.


  1. Very proud of you and Sam! Can't wait to see the video!

  2. Congrats on slogging through Accolade, and great start on TW. I'm sorry to hear about the dance results, but great news about the dress!

  3. Both of your WIPs look great. I love TW and must get one of hers into my rotation.

    1. I love her too. It's a shame she's not designing anymore.


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