New lamp

All 11 frogs have been started. I'm getting close to finishing all of the stitches. Then to backstitch.

I also had to buy a new Daylight lamp this week. I had two of the same design I bought about 10 years ago. One I kept at home, the other in my dorm room. The same thing happened to both, the foot switch stopped working from use. There was a loose connection so I opened the housing, but after I put it together again, it would take several tries to get it to switch on again. Lately, it got even more tedious to turn it on. I even exposed the actual switch the past few days but could feel it was dying. So, I bought the latest version.

The old lamp is in front, the newer one is the one in back. I'm happy to announce the switch is a normal lamp switch and not a foot switch. Additionally, the height of the lampshade is adjustable. I am not happy about the new length and placement of the pattern holder and magnifying glass.

The older one had them on the tray and they were longer, especially the arm of the magnifying glass. The newer one is considerably shorter and is attached to the lower bar. The bar currently sits slightly below my mattress. I have to position the tray under the page so it's angled up at me. I haven't tried stitching with the magnifying glass yet.

This would all be a nice height if I either stitched in a chair or a couch, or I had a lower bed. I have kept the older lamp, if I can find a replacement for the switch, I may go back to that one, and keep the newer one as an alternate.


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