Random number generator didn't like me

I decided to go back to a random number generator to pick my next cross-stitch project (with the help of my WIP/UFO list.) So I put my latch hook away...

And it picked out White Tigers.

Which I only worked on for two days due to the monochrome and the hard to read chart.

So I rolled again and Beauty of the Deep. Didn't feel like doing stamped and searching for my hoop. So I rolled again and got Peacock Majesty. Which I knew I had to start off by frogging (which is why it's been put away for over a decade)
So I rolled again and it gave me Dance me Out. Which turns out I had never started, which is fine, except I didn't have a working copy of the chart and I don't have a copier/printer. (I use my parents).
So I rolled again and it gave me Winter Friends (actually called Snowman & Reindeer). Which was my at work project at News 12 (I had downtime between broadcasts)

And remember the scared little black cat from last week? I think he's settled into being an only cat.


  1. Nice work on both projects and glad he's settling in. Does he have a name?

    1. Just realized I missed it. Clyde is a great name. :)


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