More organizing

Finished the top row of pages on Triptych.

A close up of the panel I worked on.

And I did some re-organizing of my cross stitch stash. This is what I started with.

The last two pictures are still the same, bu I did decrease that pile of papers by half (tackling my crochet/knit patterns are next).
But this is what I ended up with.

All my (printed) patterns in one drawer. It weighs about 40 pounds.
My HAED's are in alphabetical order, followed by all the patterns with no background so I can match them up with the pretty fabrics I have. Then GK, and the rest are sorted by subject.

All my kits that have not been started but have working copies of the chart (or crewel/needlepoint)

These two drawers are started projects. I still have some organizing to do to get rid of the plastic bags.

I am having trouble finding one project bag. It was sitting near my computer for the longest time. I hope it just got mixed in with some of the stuff I sent back to my parents or just in a different location, otherwise I'm out 3 patterns, fabric, and specialty floss.

However I still need to figure out what to do with what was in my "catch-all" drawer. I didn't realize how many jewelry kits I had bought.

And this is new stash. I have a pattern for the yarn, still not sure what I'm doing with the fabric. Don't know if I'll use one of the top 2 for the Ink Circles MAP SAL. Definitely over 2 because they're 36 and 40 ct... (what was I thinking?)

Went to the Yankee game Tuesday. They won, but just barely. Some photos from my seats in right field.

And Clyde was wondering where everyone had gone for the night.


  1. Beautiful work on your gorgeous project and great job organizing your stash.


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