Stash list-needlecrafts

The Accolade - GK

The Arab Tent - GK

Mountain landscape with a castle - GK

Millennium - TW

Peacock Tapestry - TW

Oriental Butterflies - Dimension

Jewels of the Orient - Dimension

A christmas stocking with 2 cats

Sacred Connection - Dimension

Beauty from the deep (stamped xs) - Dimension

Cinderella and the Prince – HEAD

Watchful Eyes (needlepoint) - Dimension

Show Horse Corral (needlepoint)

Cats on the Quilts (longstitch)

Butterfly Pillow (counted needlepoint-Janlynn)

Cats, Cats, Cats

Seashells (needlepoint)
Stargazer Lily
Fantastic Landscape – GK (I have the thread but haven't started)

Arabian – GK (finished)

Tropical Sunset - GK
Cinderella’s Coach - HEAD

TW’s Fantasy collection Vol 2. This contains 11 fantasy designs: Storyteller, Enchanter, Mermaid, Peacock Majesty, Gentle Creature, Castle Ridge, Above the Clouds, Tradewinds, Celestial Dragon, Guardian and Fantasy Triptych.
Cha cha – John Clayton
American smooth – John Clayton
Jive – John Clayton
Paso Doble – John Clayton
Argentine tango – John Clayton
Viennese waltz – John Clayton
Midnight Dance - Dimension (kit complete, still have chart)
Fire Dance - Kustom Krafts
Summons - HEAD 
The Master Plan - HEAD

The fairy spell - HEAD 
Faerie Melody - HEAD 
Black Stallion - HEAD 
Blackwork Dragon - Dragon Dreams
Blackwork Unicorn - Dragon Dreams
I love Castles - Fanta Cat (freebie)
My Treasure – Dragon Dreams (freebie)
Unicorn Glade
Cheval Sauvage (needlepoint) – Margot
Art Nouveu hanger with 4 charts
Celtic Garden Mandala – Chatelaine
Four Horses of the Apocolypse – Kustom Krafts
Autumn harvest – Mill Hill
Legends of the Spellcasters
The Princess and the dragon (signed) – TW
The Minstrel – TW
Mary Beth Easter Egg Candles March (needlepoint)
Various ornaments that I have to finish
Design Works' Sebastian and Sebastian Rose

Bent Creek's Lil Jack + the Kitty
Mirabilia's January's Garnet Fairy and embellishment pack

Patricia Allison' Dragon Carousel (signed) and A Dragon's best Friend

Black Swan Designs' Dragon Heart

Kustom Krafts' In the Garden

Dragon Dreams' Dancing Dragons and I'll Make my Own Happy Ending

TW's Carousel horses

TW's Tropical Dream

 Legends of the dragons

Four Season's Faeries

The Best of TW's fantasy collection (vol 1). This contains 10 fantasy designs: Carousel, Castle, Castle Sampler, Magical Night, Day, Night, Rapunzel, Pegasus, Stroke of Midnight, and Unicorn.
Design Works: Leopard Shoe

Design Works' Mystical Wizard:
Deisgn Works: White Tigers
Design Works: Tree silverware holders (I have penguins already)
Janlynn's Queenie
Dimensions: Tiger
Felt stocking by Bucilla: Knit Sweater


Grand Ball
Dance me out

Street Tango - Vervaco
Put On Your Red Shoes - Anchor

Argentine Tango - RTO (glamorous women in fabulous places)

Foxtrot - RTO (glamorous women in fabulous places)

Studio tango - Anchor
The Priestess-Mystic Stitch 
Unicorn Princess - DMC

Be A Dragon by Enchanting Lair

Mermaid's Love Tokens by Praiseworthy Stitches

Dancing Couple - Vervaco
Tocatta (HEAD)
Midsummer Eve

The Oriental

Dragon's Garden

The Arts - Poetry

The Arts - Painting

The Arts - Music

The Arts - Dance

The end of the Ball

The End of the Song

I am Half-Sick of Shadows

The Kittens Recital

The Crystal Ball

On Top of the World

Twilight Silhouette - Dimensions
Frog Pile - Design Works
Pot of Flowers - Dimensions (crewel)

The Green Parasol
God Speed
Call to Arms
Vue de Kanderstein, Tyrol
Deux Femmes Dans Une Clairiere
Romeo and Juliet
Castle at the Upper-Italian
Landscape with a River
Leopard in Grass
Holiday Tree V
Cirque Des Cercles
Dragon's Eye
Looking Glass - Black 
Sleepy Hollow
Blue Dragon Fairy
Hypnotic Leopard 
Midnight Waltz 
Kitty Trio

Indian Peacock
Mermaid Treasure Box and Toy
Water in Forrest

The Horse Fair

The Love Letter 

Blue Waterfall

Stitching the Standard

The Swing

The Love Letter

Meeting on the Turret Stairs 

Ancient Dragon Scholar

Bedtime Tales

Celtic Dragon Lands


Wizard by Design Works.

Dragon Circle.

Then I got good news which coincided with their 25% off afghan sale so I didn't feel guilty about spending...


  1. Wow what a stash :)
    We share a lot of the same style
    Very hard to pic one favourite


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