DWTS Season 23: Week 6

Latin night. Let's see who can bring the sexy.

Ryan. He could've used a lot more hips and he was too straight. I don't think it was that impressive. Too high.

Terra. Didn't feel the anger too much. Hard to see her stomping on the floor. A little high.

Amber. Her leg action was a bit off. Locksteps were odd. Could've used her hips more. Too careful. I'll give her the scores.

James. I saw nothing rumba relayed from him. No hips, no basic steps. He ran or hopped between poses. What were the judges looking at? Too high.

Marilu. Still felt careful and proper to me. Once again locksteps were odd. Not enough hips. Too high for me.

Jana. That was interesting. The heavy downbeat in the song wasn't really Argentine tango. It was sexy. A bit high for me but I'll give her the scores.

Maureen. Where were the hips? Where was the bounce? Ana Artem was taking more steps than her in parallel step patterns. Too high.

Calvin. Another odd song choice for Argentine tango. Lifts were cool but the constant downbeat was annoying to me. I'll agree with the scores.

Laurie. I actually saw hip movements during the basic steps. Best salsa of the night. A little low. I felt it was better then James' dance.

And Amber is sent home. While I don't disagree, but who's voting for Ryan?


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