Frederick's almost done

The cross-stitching on Frederick is finished! All that's left now is the backstitching. That shouldn't take me too long. As this project is nearing an end, any suggestions as to which WIP I should work on next? Also, when does a WIP become a UFO?

I managed to get all four sides of the fringe sewn on my dress. Tomorrow will be spent hand stitching the strands that didn't secure themselves under the needle and the top of the sides to try and get them even. May need to add extra loose fringe on one side to get them to look the same.

As the new season of Dancing with the Stars will start soon (cast announced Tuesday) I will be blogging my opinion on cast, dresses, dancing, and the drama that will most certainly prevail throughout the season. The performance shows should go up that night, but as I'm dancing myself Tuesday when the results show is on, I'll post that Wednesday when I manage to watch the show.


  1. Fred looks great Katie. Grats on the almost finish!!! And I can't wait to see your dress. I'm sure it's gonna be very cool!!


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