Almost there

Frederick is stitched, even if the whole design has yet to be completed. Have to finish the books and bottom shelf. Then off to the back stitching. I've also included a picture of Onyx, my little black fuzzball who happened to be laying at my feet while working tonight.

As for the dress, I've taken it off my dress form and have started to sew the cut ends. This is giving me trouble. First I've been evening out the fringe. Then I cut it, then I have to take those cut ends, held together buy just one flimsy strand of thread which will unravel if pulled, and arrange it under the already stitched down part. I've done the front and back, which were even on both ends. Now I'm working on the sides. One which is going short to long, and the other long to short. And somehow I have to get them to look even. *sigh* I did order the stones I need for it today.

I probably should update you on my actual dancing. We have choreography for foxtrot and Viennese waltz. Yay! I have about a month until the competition in Stamford, CT I'm participating in. I'm pretty sure we're not going to get jive and paso doble re-choreographed but hopefully Srdjan will be able to remember the ones we had. Haven't done them lately. :S

Personal note, had my last day at my previous job Friday. I'm taking this week off (good time to get that dress finished right?) I start my new job on the 27th. :D


  1. Fred's looking good, Katie. You are getting really close. Can't wait to see your dress all finished. Good luck learning the new choreography. I bet that's a hard thing!! And your little furball is darling. I LOVE black cats. I used to have one called Midnight. She was beautiful!!

  2. WOW Katie, well done on getting all the stitching on Ferderick.

    I am in awe of you doin your own dancing dress. That in its self is an achievement without actually dancing as well.

    What is your new job description? Have a great week off.

    Hugs Janine

    1. New job description is electronics engineer. I'll be designing chemical analyzers for use in the semiconductor industry.


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