Good news and bad news

First the good news.

I danced in the (delayed) Fall Classic this weekend. I swept my smooth categories. Final medal count was 12 first in smooth single dances, first places in smooth scholarship and 3-dance, 13 firsts and 2 seconds in latin single dances, and third places in latin scholarship and 3-dance. I've linked my videos below.



I also got a picture with Tony and his mirrorball. Not the best picture of me, but oh well. I had been dancing for a while.

My hair for latin. I think there were 30 bobby pins to hold it all in place.

Now the bad news.

I was let go from my job on Monday. I was planning on leaving there anyway but I had been hoping to do it on my own terms. So my dancing will be put on hold sooner than I had thought. This is an expensive hobby and with no income (my etsy shop hasn't really taken off yet) I can't pay for my private lessons. It also cuts down on adding to my stash on whims as I've taken to doing lately. Only good thing that may have come out of it is I now have time to work on my crafts, my etsy shop, and other projects I've been putting off.


  1. Oh man.. that stinks, I'm so sorry to hear about the job situation. Definitely would have been nice to be able to leave on your own terms.

    Your dancing is amazing and I hope you can take some time to work on your projects before you have to find another job. Congrats on doing so well at the Fall Classic!

  2. Glad you did so well in your dancing hope yo get a better job soon


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