Another finish

Well, actually I have two. I finished Leopard Shoe Kitty.

Then I managed to start and finish Queenie.

Today I also made two Christmas stockings. Here's one before I added the name in silver glitter glue. Please ignore the crazy background of the couch it's sitting on.

I also added a bunch of items to my etsy shop. Lots of different scarves and a few other items. Amazing what I can get done when I have lots of time on my hands.

I may not have found another job, but I am going to go back to school for a Masters degree and a career change. So I will be looking for part-time work in January so I have some sort of income. I also need to think of other items to make as soon it won't be scarf season for a while.


  1. Love your finishes. Good luck with the studying

  2. I see a theme here, lol. Very cute, Katie. I love Queenie the best! And the stocking is darling too. Good job to you, and Merry Christmas!


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