Last purchase and insanity

I swear before all of you that this will be my final purchase of the year (someone else paying for it is another thing though). I spent Wednesday re-organizing my cross stitch. With the addition of the dance kits, and various other projects strewn around the closet, I needed to go through them. I had purchased fabric for some, others had floss sorted but no indication of the project. Anyway, I have enough kitted to last me several years, not to mention the charts that I have not started to acquire materials for.
My final purchase includes the specialty fibers for garnet fairy, dragon carousel, and three other charts I had everything else for. And one store didn't have a color I needed so I went to the other and ordered a clearance chart (Tocatta) just to make the price of the items be more than the shipping cost. 

The beads for these projects I'll purchase when I finally need them. I had initially planned to use the old fabric from insanity for three TW designs but wasn't liking the yellowish color that would show through on two of them. So that will be kept for something where the background doesn't show.

Speaking of insanity, it's back. After putting Dance Me Out away, I had my mom choose a different number for my 'ready to go' spreadsheet (32 in total now). Appropriate considering my mindset lately, no? I've completed another 20 lines on page 2. Although I'm getting tired of the green again and will working on something else. Although I have come to the conclusion that I will work on it once a week just because I want to finish it sooner rather than later.

I also finished this doily. The pattern is called Peacock Pride. I still need to block it so it lays flat but you get a pretty good idea of it.

I will get my thread for Dance Me Out. Maia said contact Coats and Clarks for problems, they came back and contact Westminster Fibers, who did say they would mail me the thread. 

On the school front, I got a 4.0 GPA for the spring semester. For one of my summer courses, I need to choose a topic for a qualitative research paper.


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