I fixed the patterns.

A little bit of cross-stitch too. Started 'Dancing Couple' although my focus this week was still crochet.

These were my two main projects for the week, both I was having trouble figuring out the patterns. Dragon filet and the tunisian tshirt.

The dragon had a small mistake and with the tee, the loop on the hook already counted as the first stitch.

I tried starting the Ocean Vista dress but I'm having trouble with the motif pattern beyond the small size. It doesn't help that the pictures I can find are not for the larger sizes. The directions for one row are making it unsymmetrical. I also bought a yarn winder because I had to make size 10 skeins be center pull balls. So they went from looking like the ones on the left to the ones on the right.

So much nicer, and quicker, than my own hand wound balls.


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