I think I should

Enclose my credit card in a block of ice. I bought entirely too much yarn this week. But first, I finished the baby blanket.

As for yarn, below is a what has arrived at my house so far.

The top photo is what I bought at Joann's and Michaels'. The bottom is what I ordered for that dress I showed you a picture of last week. I also have more which should arrive Monday. Except for the pile on the bottom (not including the blue over on the left), and the ruffle yarns on the upper right, they are all for specific projects. Namely the following (free) patterns found via ravelry or the maufactuer's site.

Can you tell what's for what and hasn't arrived yet?

I did start two already. Here's the 'lacy cami' and the 'blue mandala throw'

Now excuse me while I hide my credit card and wait for my other yarn to arrive.


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