Return of the Craft Closet of Doom

Well. I spent Friday completely overhauling my closet. Which required me to take everything out from here.
And it became this:

The back side of the bed.

I also left 4 large drawers full of fabric completely intact as I knew I wouldn't be able to redo them.

So, phase 1 complete. Phase 2a was to wind the partial skeins which became the following.

And to start putting things back in drawers.

The rest of my stash from early in the year.

Jeans, bottom weights and some remnants

The left drawer cabinet.

Majority of my cotton/silk stash

Yarn to make funky scarves or other small items.

Quilting supplies and a few other remnants(still have a bit of room)

cotton yarns

Combination of yarn. Can't quite remember where I got the blues on top. Found them in a random bag in what used to be my 'catchall' drawer.

Fabric for two projects. A Halloween quilt and a Santa door wreath.

Plus a few other smaller drawers holding the partials. 

Which left me with this. Better, but I still couldn't sleep in my bed. Or walk much.

I ordered containers online so although they won't be properly stored, they will at least not be in plastic bags threatening to fall to the floor and organized, somewhat. In the meantime they look like this.

And I still have these out along with a few projects that were started.

And, I redid my sewing patterns. What I discovered is, I need a better system and/or a bigger box. And I have a double of two patterns. Onto my Etsy site they go.

Overall, I got rid of a lot of plastic bags and 3 boxes. Still a ways to go, but one heck of a start.


  1. Good job! When I do a sorting like this, it refreshes my memory on what I have. Always helps me to 'clump' things together by type and/or project.


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