The start of Stitch From Stash 2014

I solemnly vow I will only stitch from the stash I own at the time of this post.

That being established, let me list the projects that stash consists of that are not missing any key components.

Bold = current WIP
Italic = kit

Cross-stitch and other needle crafts:
  1. Argentine Tango - RTO
  2. Beauty From the Deep
  3. Best Friend
  4. Black Stallion
  5. Buterfly Pillow (needlepoint)
  6. Cat Purse (plastic canvas)
  7. Cat stocking
  8. Cats... 
  9. Cats on the Quilts (longstitch)
  10. Celestial Dragon
  11. Dance Me Out
  12. Dancing Couple
  13. Dragon Carousel
  14. Fairy Melody
  15. Fairy Spell
  16. Fantastic Landscape
  17. Fantasy Triptych
  18. Felted Penguin
  19. Flowers
  20. Foxtrot - RTO
  21. Frog Pile
  22. Grand Ball
  23. Horses of the Apocalypse
  24. In the Garden
  25. 'insanity'
  26. Kitten Recital
  27. Legend of the Dragons
  28. Legend of the Spellcasters
  29. Millennium
  30. Mystical Wizard
  31. Peacock Tapestry
  32. Put Your Red Shoes On (currently being worked on)
  33. Sacred Connection
  34. Seashells (needlepoint)
  35. Show Horse corral (needlepoint)
  36. Stargazer Lily
  37. Stroke of Midnight
  38. Studio Tango
  39. Sugar Plum Stocking (felt)
  40. Sweater Stocking (felt)
  41. The Accolade
  42. The Arab Tent
  43. Tiger
  44. Tree silverwear holders (felt)
  45. Twilight Silhouette
  46. Watchful Eyes
  47. White Tigers
Plus Oriental Butterfly and four smaller kits that I've dubbed travel kits.

I know the official Stitch from Stash is for Cross-stitch, but I'm going to attempt to apply the principle to my two other main crafts as well.

  1. Cathedral Rose Window Afghan 
  2. Crocodile scarf
  3. Doily
  4. Frou Frou (sweater)
  5. Green/White Halter
  6. Grey Skirt
  7. Opera Gloves
  8. Red Sweater
  9. Scarves
  10. Starburst Afghan
  11. Tank Top
I have left over yarn from other projects that I could make a few more things but I haven't quite figured those out yet.

  1. Black Velvet Latin dress
  2. Evening Gown with the blue sparkle knit
  3. Halloween wall quilt and placemats
  4. Halter top
  5. Pink Dress
  6. Rainbow quilt
  7. Red flemenco dress
  8. Santa Wreath
  9. Shoe Brush cover (quick project)
  10. Skirt top with heavy red knit
  11. Stuffed Cat
  12. Two Purple Shirts
  13. Xmas Tree centerpiece
 I also have lots of fabric that hasn't been matched up with patterns or projects.

As you can see from the above list, I have more than enough to keep me busy without buying anything else for probably several years. And a lot of projects partially complete. Not to mention the cross-stitch charts I have but haven't gotten the fabric/thread for. I think I finally realized how much stuff I actually have...


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