DWTS Season 22: week 1


Kim. Better than I would've thought. May have had a heel lead during the lock steps. But it moved forward. Could've used more hips. Heels were a little low. And she's not annoying, so far. Unlike some other people from that show. I agree with the scores.

Paige. Danced well but a little too fast and hoppy for a foxtrot. Song didn't help. Not much in hold. Not stiff like stiff of her male counterparts. I agree with the scores.

Doug. Walked and hopped through the foxtrot. Won't last long unless he gets a lot better. Latin will probably be worse. I agree with the scores.

Jodie. That should keep them around for a while. Frame needs a bit of work. I agree with the scores.

Geraldo. Oh boy. Barely moved and it wasn't good. I forgot how long her legs are. I agree with the scores but I think they were generous.

Marla. She has potential. Too straight in hold. Small little missteps. I'll agree with the scores.

Wanye. Funky, but cha cha requires straight legs and his were bent the entire time. But I liked it. I agree with the scores.

Ginger. Not bad. Could have been a bit sharper. Some steps were a bit muddy. First person who could get a bit annoying. A little high.

Mischa. Awkward. Back is too arched and her butt is sticking out. Flailing limbs is hard to do in tango. A little high.

Nyle. He's good. Even without being deaf. I agree with the scores.

Antonio. Not bad. His focus was on Peta in hold and not looking where he's going. He's going to have fun with Latin. I agree with the scores.

Von. He walked through it. And the height difference is a bit much. Too high for me. 

Overall we seem to have a highly likable cast with a very high dance ability. It's always good to see them do both styles but we're off to a good start. Unfortunately Geraldo and Mischa will probably the first ones out, in some order.


  1. As always, so enjoy reading your professional opinion. Really helps us non professional folks who just love to watch dancing. This cast looks like a cast with great potential excluding Geraldo and Mischa. I think we are in for one great season!


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