DWTS Season 22: Week 2

Latin night used to be week 5...

Jodie. Not bad but her costume  seemed to not allow her to move her midsection. Feet and legs were a little muddled at times. Not enough bounce or hips. I'll give her the scores.

Marla. A bit too staccato for me. A few wonky lines. A bit high for me.

Geraldo. Awkward on so many levels. Too high.

Paige. I liked it. Could've used more hips in the basic though. Props to do lifts with a new partner in 2 hours. I agree with the scores.

Antonio. He didn't do anything and his knees were bent the entire time. No hips because he never had an opportunity to use them. Too high.

Kim. She lost it a bit at the end. More hips required. That fringe should never stand still. I'll give her the scores.

Nyle. I liked it even if he need to use his hips and I saw heel leads. It was pretty fast and spinny. Can I have her dress, maybe in a different color? I'll give him the scores.

Mischa. Thank you for the subtitle of cha cha because I don't think I would've been able to tell. The Cuban breaks were awkward. Too high.

Von. Saw heel leads. Looked best when he did the funky breaks. Cha cha was meh. Too high.

Wanya. High energy and he moved well. I agree with the scores.

Doug. He looked more comfortable with this dance but putting him next to the pros showed his weaknesses. I'll give him the scores.

Ginger. Not bad. Some of the bounce seemed a little choppy. I'll give her the scores.

The music for the salsas and cha Chad were pretty good. Samba was hit/miss. Others were blah.

Goodbye Geraldo. I agree with the elimination.

Wanya and Paige seem to be the front runners


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