DWTS Season 24: Week 1

Cute opening. 

400 episodes? Sheesh.

Normani. Cute dance. Not enough body contact in hold, her butt was too far out. Can I have her dress? She has potential to last but I'm not surprised. I'll agree with the scores. 

Nancy. Very pretty. Decent hold. A bit hoppy. I want her dress too. I'll give her the scores. 

Chris. I know his character from that movie was not a good dancer but that was pretty bad in the cha cha... I agree with the scores but may be high for the night. 

Bonner. He has potential but nerves definitely got to him. Could've been sharper. Better then the previous bull rider (sorry Ty). I agree with the scores. 

Charo. Okay...off time in the beginning. She annoying me already. Too high. 

Nick. Better then I thought he'd be. But I saw heel leads and his feet need to be cleaned up. I agree with the scores. 

Heather. I love Maks. Yay! to the dance. Too low. 

David. A bit slow for a Quickstep. Not bad but he may have trouble with Latin. It was cute. A little high. 

Erika. I barely saw salsa and no hips during the basics. A bit high. 

Rashad. Pretty good but not much cha cha. It was there but repetitive. Could've used more hips. Too high. 

Mr. T. He tried but it wasn't very good. I agree with the scores. 

Simone. She had latin shoes on. It was good but I'm not surprised. I agree with the scores. 

So front runners so far are Heather, Simone, Normani, Rashad, and Nick. 


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