DWTS Season 24: Week 2

Nancy. Not bad. It felt soft. Too many swivels. I'll give her the scores. 

Erika. Better than last week. Some steps looked a bit timid when she was didn't have to go too far. I'll give her the scores. 

Charo. She got lost in her own choreography and didn't quite remember when she was supposed to stop stomping. She's still annoying. Too high.

Nick. Got lost a tiny bit. He was leaning to far forward in hold. A bit flappy in arm movement and foot placement. Can I have her dress? I'll give him the scores but 7s are a little high. 

Heather. Poor Maks. But as for the dance, yay! The kicks and flicks were're a little off, but I could blame part of that on the shoes.  I disagree with Len. 

Bonner. I liked it, but it was small. His footwork looked a bit suspect, not closing his feet probably. I don't know if I'd give it 8s.

Simone. Sharp and her new yorker had the correct position. Upper body was a bit one note, possibly from not enough hips. I'll give her the scores. 

Chris. Um... Better than last week? I'm going to stop there. I'll give him the scores but too high for me. 

Normani. I saw hips. Could've done more but I saw them move in the locksteps. A few too many swivels. I agree with the scores. 

Rashad. That was good. Technique with the footwork could be improved. I agree with the scores. 

Mr. T. He really didn't move much... Too high. 

David. That was interesting... the cha cha was not good. But he could at least laugh about it. Too high. 

And the first one out is Chris. I would've chosen Charo. 


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