Season 15 pairings

I was right with the majority of my guesses. Go me.

Apolo and Karina. This was one of my misses. Don't know why I didn't think of these two together. I think it should be interesting to see the dynamics between them. Karina and Julianne's personalities are not very similar.

Bristol and Mark. I realized I hadn't filed in alternate or most likely with her. Oops. I sort of feel bad for Mark having her again.

Drew and Anna. I was correct with my alternate pick. Should be an interesting match up. Anna the task master may show up this season.

Emmitt and Cheryl. I didn't think they would be paired together, let's see what they can do this year.

Gilles and Peta. I was right with the alternate. They should be good together, Peta being taller than Cheryl should allow a better connection in the ballroom dances and argentine tango.

Helio and Chelsea. Chelsea is probably the closest to Julianne in terms of height and personality but has a different edge to her. Helio, despite winning, is not the most gifted of the male celebs in terms of getting the technique to look right.

Joey and Kym. Together again, I think the partnership will pick up where they left off.

Kelly and Val. Forgot to put an alternate partner for her but Val works. Val probably has his work cut out for him but personality wise it probably will work.

Kirstie and Maks. They should be fun to watch again.

Melissa and Tony. Yay! Happy they didn't give get to my alternate pick. As one of the two good partners he's had, glad they're giving Tony a break.

Pamela and Tristan. Another one correct. She's an improvement over his previous partners, but still not the best of the bunch.

Shawn and Derek. She gets the good partners. Given his choreography it should be interesting to see what they can do.

Given these pairings, it should be interesting to see who the voted in celeb gets as a partner. Only Kyle's original partner is not paired up already.


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