Busy week

I didn't get that much done this week as my main stitching day (Sunday) was taken up by the competition at the studio. Monday after work I had a dentist appointment, and Friday evening I was also otherwise occupied. I am up to 62 rows, 10 more until the end of the page.

Friday, my crochet kit order came. In addition to the snowman and the pumpkins I had posted about I added a gingerbread house. The pumpkins are made out of Mary Maxim's 'prism' yarn which has an interesting look to it. Felted may be the word I'm looking for. Also the ball itself kind of has a pumpkin-y look to it.

Today I signed up to participate in the September 29, showcase. This gives me 5 weeks to put together the routine with my teacher and to try and make a new dress. I'm hoping my fabric set comes fairly soon.


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