First week done

Well, I changed projects again. As I only added one more row to The Accolade, there's no reason to take a new picture. I did start this one again. I'm pretty near the end but I didn't have much time to work on it this week.

I got through the first week of classes. My classes, although detracting time from my crafting, don't seem too bad, certainly easier than my undergraduate degree. I have scriptwriting, post-production management, a television studio class where I get to learn all the equipment and jobs to run a live TV show, and then how to use After Effects and video editing using Final Cut Pro 7. Of course NY decided to be freezing this week and caused me not to explore the neighborhood around my school too much just because I didn't want to freeze. I did however come across a candy shop across the street which I will check out later.


  1. Your Oriental project looks great!

    Good luck with classes this year. It sounds like a very practical, hands-on course!

  2. Beautiful project and glad your classes are going well!

  3. Lovely progress good luck with your classes


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