First finish of 2013

I finished Sebastian with Roses. Isn't he cute?

I had my first and final dance lesson of the year the other day. At least for a while. Between going back to school and no income, it's hard to pay for dance lessons. I'm going to miss it but I will be trying to find some way to keep dancing, even if I'm not taking lessons. I came home to find Onyx on my computer chair. If I hadn't turned on the light, I might have sat on her.

This morning I found her sleeping on the floor vent of my parents room. Silly kitty.

I was crocheting a small order of scarves today. I should be finished with them later tonight.
I put some more thought into my stitching goals for the year. I've decided to work on The Accolade (I noticed GK released a new version that is lighter and includes the upper window) and my insanity piece. I'm also going to try to finish Peacock Tapestry but I have to be in the right mindset to start that one again due to have to frog almost all the 'r's.


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