Welcome to 2013

Happy New Year! And a happy birthday to me.

I have been crocheting afghans all week. I bought my missing yarn for the one I had been working on and picked up what was needed for one I saw earlier.

My circular afghan in Barrington, Tudor, Regency, and Mixed Berries. It is really soft, and really large. I haven't measured it but the pattern said it's about 54" across.

Then there's this hexagonal pinwheel-ish afghan in Quartz. It's considerably smaller and is more a lapghan than and afghan.

Both are made with Homespun.

Onyx was really looking cute the other day as she lay next to me. (Please ignore my messy bed)


Today (ok, it was 11pm on new year's eve) I started Sebastian with Roses. I need to choose which GK WIP I'll work on through the year. I have a choice of mainly browns, or blue/green. Or I could always go back to In the Garden but that's almost all gray/black. I may start a new TW, or I could fix what I did wrong and try and finish Peacock Tapestry.

Also to start my year out right, I won Day 7 of Crochet Concupiscence's giveaway. Four crochet books. Yay me!


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