End of august

It's really the end of August already? Sheesh. Anyway, spent a bit more time this week on my cross stitch.

Finished a shawl. It's currently being blocked.

The rest of my yarn came. The patterns, the needles and the pink yarn on the left was a free gift due to a promotion when I ordered the rest of the stuff.

And I started something new. Well, two new things but one ended up having mistakes in the pattern so I'm waiting on a response from the company.

This cute little kitten was hanging around the location I was filming at last Sunday. Bit skittish but I got it to bump it's nose against my finger. There was another cat, that I assume was it's mother, who was much more friendly.


  1. Nice work, and excellent stash. I love that shawl; it's beautifully done. I hope you hear back soon about the pattern mistakes


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