Saturday, August 23, 2014

Finish and stash

Not much more done with the cross-stitch. But I only work on it a day or two.

I finished two things. First is the Sun Blossom Mandala Doily.

And I just finished this one about 10 minutes ago, 'Yes, Yes Shawl' made with Red Heart's Unforgettable in Tidal.

Still working on this shawl. Got a little stuck because of an error. Will have to redo the last 3 rows.

Then here's part 1 of the stash I ordered Sunday. All cotton except for the blue cashmere/linen on the top left and the silks to the right of that. And all fingering/lace weight except for the purple DK at the top right.

And the sewing patterns. 64, whittled down from 82 I believe. At some point this week, I'll put them on my pinterest board.

Back to work on some things I've already started before beginning something with my new yarn.

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