A switch, a finish, and some starts

I have it all this week.
First, I finished my dragon filet crochet.

I switched to a new cross-stitch.

And I started some new crochet. A necklace, A mandala, and a shawl (with marino wool!)

I also got a new catalog in the mail (for some reason it was addressed to my mom) from The Stitchery. Lots of lovely patterns but I'm resisting.

I also resisted buying anything at a local yarn store I popped into. Too much wool and unhappy with the colors of one yarn I wanted to buy.

However I've done practically nothing today because I've been fighting with the McCall website due to it's extreme sluggishness. The 99 cent out of print sale may have something to do with that. But it's made it hard to look at the patterns then cull them. In the meantime, I've made yarn lists on two other websites, one of which I will be purchasing. (Help me?) There are just too many lovely things I want to make.


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