A finish and something different

My progress on Dancing Couple.

The dragon filet.

And look! I finished the lacy cami.

A little too poofy for my tastes now that I finished it. Onto etsy it goes. Oh, if the 'skirt' looks different from the last time I posted it, it is. I ripped it out completely and redid it after realizing the 'v-stitch' directions were wrong. (They said ch 1, the remaining instructions always referred to ch 2) The change made the it a much looser, less poofy fabric. I still required an extra ball of yarn than the directions said I would.

I didn't get as much done this week as I usually do. I had a two day job as a videographer for an equestrian event. Up at 4am, be there at 6am, show started about 8am, done around 5pm. I've included some pictures I took of the course (in between horses). The first picture is of my company for the morning of the first day.

After this I'm really convinced I need to find a full-time job that's indoors. The sun doesn't agree with my skin even with constantly reapplying spf 100 throughout the day.


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