First Finishes

I finished pages 2, 2a, and have most of 3 completed on Peacocks.

If this looks familiar it's because it is. I finally finished my redo of my Chrysanthemum shawl. It now matches the finished size from the pattern, but I didn't use the 4th ball of yarn

Also finished this little guy although I'm going to reattach his limbs so he's a little floppier. Right now he doesn't sit up on his own. Also going to add a mane.

Also accomplished this week is forcing myself to write. I bought a course a few year ago and am going to make it through it to the end this time. I bundled the first 3 weeks of lessons together so at the moment, I'm letting my muse fly around and find me new ideas. So far it likes to bring them to me when I'm trying to go to sleep.

I'm also back on the job hunt. I've had a freelance job since October and while that gave me peace of mind to take a rest from applying for a while, it's only once or twice a week now that training is over. So back to trying to find a full-time job, or at least some more freelance work. Looking at some different venues as well as thinking of applying to jobs out of the NYC metro area. At least ones that don't involve me moving some place that's even colder than where I am now. 14 degrees as of my writing this blog.


  1. I love that little zebra! Good luck on the job hunt and nice work on Peacocks and the shawl as well.


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