New year

Welcome to 2015. I'm still working on a project from 2014, but at least now you can see why it's named Peacocks.

I've finished pg1a and am almost complete with pg2 with pg2a soon to follow. The reason for the a's is the original chart was on a very large sheet of paper and I had to split it to make a working copy.

Earlier this week I replaced what my mother had termed the 'leaning tower of pisa' 

With a new version. It was hard to find comparable drawer sizes. And despite the shorter size, I actually have more room with these new ones.

And this was my birthday companion. Never left my bed. Actually she's been on my bed all day today as well...


  1. Happy Birthday! And nice new storage drawers.

  2. Love your birthday companion. My cat lazes around on the bed most days too. :)


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