DWTS Season 20: Week 3

Loved the opening.

Rumer. Fun but more disco than salsa. I'll agree with the scores.

Charlotte. Don't pick up your feet in rumba. She didn't do much. Too high.

Michael. He looked stiff. I didn't see any hips. Too high but he did more than Charlotte.

Riker. Most salsa content I've seen so far. I agree with the scores.

Suzanne. It was careful. Steps were very small. Hips were not really there. Too high.

Chris. He barely took 5 steps. And they looked odd. Lifts were good, but Witney did all the work. Way too high.

Robert. Hip movement disappeared after the first few steps. He tried but it seemed jerky. Not worth an 8.

Patti. Such a good song but I saw no cha cha. And I didn't get what she was doing in the luggage cart. Although I prefer what she's wearing tonight rather than in rehearsal. Too high.

Willow. I felt like she got lost a bit and couldn't finish some movements at other times. I'll give her the scores but a little high.

Noah. The lifts impressed me. I'll give him the scores.

Nastia. I liked it but her footwork wasn't right during the rolls. I'll give her the scores.

Given the separation from last week, I'm not surprised at Charlotte going home.


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