Case of the missing stash

I'm losing stash. I went to rescan Stroke of Midnight and can't find the pattern book. I can find volume 2, but have no clue where volume 1 went. I looked in all the obvious places. I gave up after a while and started Best Friends.

Unfortunately, I'm missing a blending filiment I thought I had, turns out it's a #4 braid that was in my stash. So onto another one. Dragon Carousel.

Turns out I can't find my 002HL blending filament. At this point in the night, I don't feel like starting a new one, so I pick up one I've already started. Remember this one?

I did manage to find something I had been looking for. The instructions for the crocheted snowman. Although the body and scarf are in one location and the other accessories are somewhere else. I think with some yarn.

Anyway, here's the next part of the mystery CAL afghan.

And I worked on this during my overnight shift. My headache from the impending rain was too bad for me to cross-stitch.

And on a slightly more up note, ABCStitch has a 20% off sale that started today. Ordered the two threads I didn't have, one ornament that I couldn't get last November.

One I didn't see earlier.

And then I added something from my wish list after determining beads would put me over budget and shipping was almost the same as what I was spending.

There are two kits I really want but they're way over budget. Maybe next November.

Dancing with the Stars starts Monday! And I made this video mashup. (May be blocked in some countries)


  1. That is definitely mysterious, although lucky you could find what you needed on sale!


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