DWTS Season 20: Week 1

Yay. I liked the opening video. 

Willow. Some parts were good. Others were sloppy. Knees were bent to much. Too much swiveling to take up time. I'll agree with the scores.

Robert. He surprised me with how enthusiastic he was. But he was too on his toes and no hips. He was sharp though. Can I have her dress? Scores are a little high.

Riker. Energy, yes. Not much Jive and the parts that were I couldn't see his feet. 7s not 8s.

Charlotte. Not much bounce and she seemed to forget half the routine. At least she did better than keo's last partner. I'll agree with the scores.

Patti. She walked through it. She's going to have trouble with the Latin dances. The song is more a cha cha than foxtrot. I'll give her the scores.

Chris. He did better than i thought he would. He needed to point his feet. I'll give him the scores.

Michael. Stance was a bit wide, knees needed to be straight, footwork needs work. I'll give him the scores.

Nastia. I felt it was frenetic. I'll give her the scores but a little high.

Redfoo. Not much cha cha and he was bouncing too much. A bit high.

Noah. Not bad considering but it didn't pull me in. I do like the back of her dress. I'll give him the scores.

Suzanne. Not very good. Messed up a bit. Too high.

Rumer. I'm surprised they weren't given contemporary for this song. Best position in hold of the night. I'll agree with the scores. 

For once, every single star was a performer. No one looked scared and even the ones who messed up were still enjoying themselves.


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