Dwts season 20: week 10 night 2

Cute opening.

I preferred Riker's jive more than the freestyle.

Redfoo. Probably a good choice not to really dance. Stupid song.

Charlotte. Still bad.

Alfonso and Sadie. Cute but Sadie had some trouble controlling her limbs.

Suzanne. Poor Tony.

Robert. Clearly didn't work on technique when they spent time after he got eliminated.

Noah and Amy. Short, I'm surprised they didn't dance together longer.

Chris. Still has bad footwork.

Nastia. Still a cute routine. And still an earworm of a song.

Dance Hard. Hahaha.

Rumer. Fun. And val didn't get hurt with the lift.

Willow. Still a crazy foxtrot.

I like the bloopers. And the Magic Mike-esque routine.

Derek and Julianne. Interesting.

Patti. This was one of the routines she did that she actually did the dance she was assigned.

Fusion round.

Noah. I saw more argentine Tango than cha cha. And he lifted her most of the time. A little too high 
for me.

Riker. Odd combo. A little too hoppy in the Quickstep. I'll give him the scores but tiny bit high.

Rumer. Not quite as odd a combo. Really good foxtrot. I agree with the scores.

And in third place, Noah. I agree with the results. he's not up to the standard of the other two.

And the winner is Rumer! Squee!

I'll reiterate something I said at the beginning of the season. Every single contestant, no matter how bad they were, they were all extremely enthusiastic about their routine's.


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